Not only a force as a DJ, Semtex also has a formidable reputation as an interviewer, landing some of the most exclusive interviews with the biggest names in music. Whether that’s interviewing a young J. Cole on the cusp of releasing his debut album in 2010, flying out for cloth talk with DJ Khaled at his L.A. home in 2017, or securing the only UK interview with Skepta upon the release of his Mercury Prize-winning album ‘Konnichiwa,’ Semtex’s reputation for consistently delivering huge cultural moments through his interviews is unmatched.

When Drake decided to launch his ‘More Life’ project in London in early 2017, there was only one man he entrusted to discuss the project openly with. After linking up with Sem for his first UK interview back in 2009, Drake returned for a legendary follow-up covering everything from his high-profile issues with Meek Mill and Kanye West, to his admiration for UK music and culture. The interview went viral and would go on to be covered by the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, Complex and The New Yorker across the globe.

Semtex’s ability to move with the times has allowed him to keep his finger firmly on the pulse of the culture, all the while connecting and feeding a global network of like-minded Hip Hop fans with his interviews, opinions and taste.

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