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DJ SEMTEX is an Author, DJ, Broadcaster, Speaker, Journalist.

I appreciate it, man. Youve been messing with me since day one! When I first hopped on Twitter and put out that Kendrick Lamar EP. - Kendrick Lamar.

It wasn’t always like this, though. Long before he would shut down stages across the world, a young DJ Semtex would relentlessly dig the crates of record shops in his native Manchester in the hopes of finding a gem. Back then, a DJs gut instinct was the difference between shutting down the party or being booed off stage. As the man says himself, “Back in the day, when you went into a record shop, the money you had would determine what you would play in the club. So you had to gauge if something was going to pop of or not, based on what you could afford.” The same gut instinct continues to drive his decisions, both in the boardroom and on stage. While many DJs and record executives rely on data, Semtex is able to cater to audiences solely from intuition.

A savvy marketeer, DJ Semtex built a name for himself rigorously promoting parties in Manchester while playing out at some of the city’s most historic music venues, such as the iconic Hacienda. His relentless work ethic and guerrilla approach to marketing soon made his name synonymous with sell-out events and the most popping mixtapes in the city. This relentless drive sits at the very core of the entertainer’s attitude towards his life and career; losing isn’t an option.

With an unrivalled passion and respect for Hip Hop culture, Semtex has forged a career bridging the gap between both sides of the atlantic. Whether that’s presenting the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar or Drake to the UK audience before anyone else, or putting US heads on to the latest flock of talent to come out of the UK, DJ Semtex is often the conduit connecting both sides. If you’re a new artist visiting the UK, receiving that Semtex co-sign is a surefire way to turn heads.

DJ Semtex helped me launch my career. - Kanye West.

His ascension as a DJ continued throughout the 00s, ultimately landing a gig as Dizzee Rascal’s official tour DJ in 2008. He would tour the globe, shutting down stages internationally and continue to fine-tune his unique brand of live show, often complete with video DJing, scratching with his nose and spinning the finest dubplate specials and future classics.

Not only a force as a DJ, Semtex also has a formidable reputation as an interviewer, landing some of the most lauded — and exclusive — interviews with the world’s biggest names at pivotal moments in their careers. Whether that’s interviewing a young, relatively unknown Drake in Hyde Park in 2009, a hungry J Cole on the cusp of releasing his debut album in 2010, or securing the only UK interview with Skepta upon the release of his critically-acclaimed new album ‘Konnichiwa’ in 2016, Semtex’s track record in documenting the most important moments in the culture is unmatched.

That's why I like doing interviews with people like you, because you actually know the history. I do so many interviews with people that have no idea of the history of this or anything. - Nicki Minaj.

With a career boasting multiple decades, Semtex has managed to adapt seamlessly through every significant era of Hip Hop. An early adopter of technology, DJ Semtex has consistently pioneered all of the mediums essential to remaining relevant in the digital age; from starting his YouTube channel in 2006 (just one year after it was founded), to joining Twitter in its infancy, to promoting a generation of talent via his personal blog, Semtex’s ability to move with the times has allowed him to keep his finger firmly on the pulse of the culture, all the while connecting — and feeding — a global network of like-minded Hip Hop stans with his interviews, opinions and tastes.

For many, a booking is a task that starts and finishes on the night of an event. For DJ Semtex, this is far from the case. Utilising the full reach of his voice, the DJ is known to use his full arsenal of resources to spread the word, promote and tear the roof off of every show — with no exceptions.

Beyond this, his highly regarded network of platforms — from digital media platform Nation of Billions, to his groundbreaking “Arrival” concert series, both of which apply pressure to competitors and push the boundaries in their respective fields — continually bridge the gap between artist and supporter. And with his introduction as an author in 2016, courtesy of forthcoming book ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’, his brand as a global ambassador of Hip Hop is certain to be cemented further.

One thing I'll say, I don't know if people noticed, but you were one of the first people to ever embrace me, and just reach out to me and let me know that I'm doing something right. I'll remember you forever for that, man. I hold you down forever. – Drake.

At the core of all of these attributes, though, is the simple urge to share. Whether that’s on stage, online or a passing conversation outside of a show, the desire to debate, converse and share ideas about the music that so much of the world continues to embrace, is the fundamental characteristic that binds both himself — and the community he represents — together.

In the words of Chuck D, DJ Semtex is a “generator of generations”.



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