I was in LA recently and I managed to catch up with Travis Scott.
I interviewed him on a roof top just before sunset, by the Hollywood Hills.
Despite the Swank location I didn’t have my 5D with me or my usual team.
Yes the G11 footage is a little Choppy, but rather than condemn this clip to a random Hard Drive, it got posted. People need to see this and hear his story.

Although he touches on it briefly, Travis’s story is nothing but inspiring. Its that tale of patience and persistence, hard work, a bit of luck, common sense, belief of self, that ends with a fruitful reward. Yeah we’ve heard similar stories before, but we love to hear it again and again.

It took Travis several different paths to get where he needed to get to, but he got there.
From what he played me, his debut E.P. ‘Owl Pharoah’ is sounding pretty epic.

Few artists can Rap, Sing, and Produce.
Few artists have the same pasion and energy that Travis has.
Yes, he’s arrived, he’s G.O.O.D., and he’s next. Make way for HipHop on a higher echelon.

Catch the full interview on BBC Radio 1xtra very soon.
Check me out every Friday from 10pm on 1xtra.

Beats by Dot Rotten.


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