Pro Era co-founder Capital STEEZ has launched a revamped version of the highly slept on mixtape with 7 new tracks. If you didn’t know, Pro Era is the team that is also home to Joey Bada$$ and many other MCs that you will be hearing over the next 12 months. This mixtape was originally dropped after ‘Survival Tactics’ first dropped, but many people weren’t ready for this at the time. If you’re a fan of Joey you’re going to love this.

Make sure you also pick up the Seccs tape if you haven’t already.


1. Capital STEEZ [Prod. By Madlib]
2. Dead Prez [Prod. By Joey Bada$$]
3. Free The Robots [Prod. By Free The Robots]
4. Vibe Ratings [Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere]
5. Cab Fare (Feat. CJ Fly & Chuck Strangers)
6. Dead On Arrival [Prod. By MF Doom]
7. Doggybag [Prod. By Tommy Mas]
8. 47 Elements [Prod. By Bruce Leekix]
9. HYPE/Beast (Feat. Uno Hype) [Prod. By Kirk Knight]
10. Inifinity And Beyond [Prod. By J. Rawls]
11. Talking Shit (Feat. Joey Bada$$) [Prod. By Premier]
12. 135
13. Bonified Loving [Prod. By Joey Bada$$]
14. Chicago [Prod. By MF DOOM]
15. Evol Love [Prod. By Joey Bada$$]
16. Black Petunia (Feat. Jakk The Rhymer) [Prod. By Knxwledge]
17. Hard Times (Feat. Rokamouth, CJ Fly & Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. By Entreproducers]
18. 47 Piiirates (Feat. Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. by Joey Bada$$]
19. Herban Legend (Prod. By Kirk Knight]
20. Up Above (Feat. Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. By Entreproducers]
21. Apex [Prod. By Kirk Knight]

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