I’ve got a 4 hour HipHop show on BBC Radio 1xtra. That’s pretty greedy right?
So every Month I give an hour to individuals and collectives who are changing the game, doing something creative, taking the culture to a next level. Last month the Murkage Cartel kicked it off with their own diverse sounds. For October we are blessed to have 2 of the hottest chicks in the game join us every Friday until November.

Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey are like the Power Rangers, individually they can do a lot of damage, but when they work together on stage, in the studio, on they screen, its like they have some kind of undeniable invincibility. They have an energy, a presence that isn’t being matched anytime soon, oh and lyrically they shit on most of your favourite MCs.

For the next 4 weeks make sure you lock into 1xtra from 1am to hear some legendary radio shows by the dynamic duo that is Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey.

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