I recently caught up with Chip at the Hackney Festival, how do you heat up the US and the UK at the same time?
Chip breaks it down.

SEMTEX Last time you came on the show you were talking about the London Boy mixtape, what’s going on with that, I’ve been hearing rumors a lot, things happening.

CHIP Yeah there’s a lot of things happening you know what i mean, the campaigns about to kick off in America probably next month. You know everything that I’ve done so far has just been viral, and you know with the DJ’s that have been supporting me from the very beginning. The record that we just put out off the tape is a new… me and and Mavado, you know, more money, more gyal ringing off crazy, you know the record went literally from the internet to the club. Ya nah mean, and the club reaction made it kind of spin back to the radio so that was kinda different but the mixtape’s hot man, it’s gonna be crazy. I think it’s definitely gonna be a game changing mixtape because you know, it’s my first body of work as a UK artist that’s gonna get pushed in America, and you know, a collective of elite rhymers from the UK and the US are coming together to be a part of it so it’s gonna be mad. I still ain’t got a date but i can say we’re gonna drop two tracks before we’re gonna drop the mixtape from now. You know, so obviously the first one, everyone knows about is pizza boy with me and Meek Mill and then, me and T.I. have got something crazy that we’re going to go in to the tape like that.

SEMTEX I’ve seen you a few years ago when you first game to one big weekend and you were mad gassed at the time. How does it feel to be back in your own right, you’re a much bigger artist now, on a different stage, you was on the BBC Introducing stage originally.

CHIP It’s cool man, you know, i think the beauty about, you know, without sounding flamboyant, the beauty about my career, is that between the, you know, the DJ’s and all the executives in all the building, everyone’s seen me grow. You know, and not everyone’s had that same feeling, as coming out as a child to the public, and them seeing you maturing to an adult and take your music down different paths and different journeys, you nah mean, so, it definitely feels great, you know. There’s certain key moments in my career that are all affiliated to the BBC 1Xtra building, so i feel like, by right, i was due to be here, you nah mean.

SEMTEX Just like a family reunion?!

CHIP Yeah, you nah mean, you know (Semtex: couple of drunk uncles!) couple of drunk uncles, couple of my favourite DJ’s and you know, some good people so i’m just gonna come in, in and out. It’s good to see, you know, it’s good to see.

SEMTEX You neglecting the fans, being back and forth from the US so much?

CHIP I like the way Semtex put that! (both laugh) erm nah man, i think the internet definitely makes the world smaller. You know and the obvious way that i keep in touch with everyone is Twitter and via my music.

SEMTEX It’s not the same though, you know when we see you out and about, see you in shows…

CHIP Yeah but you know what, i would say on a pessimistic side it could, you could say that i’m neglecting my core UK audience by being in America, but i would say on a brighter side my fans are happier that an opportinity has been given to me to expand their whole Team Chip family internationally, so it’s a gift and a curse but it’s going well.

Big up the CMAR team, catch the ‘London Boy’ when it drops.

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