He’s one of the hottest track masters in the game right now, signed to G.O.O.D. music as an artist and Producer, he is currently knocking out some of the most potent club bangers, ‘Ni***as In Paris’ is a classic, one of those track DJs fight to play first. ‘Way to Cold’ and ‘Goldie’ are building the same momentum and he recently unveiled his rap debut. Hit-boy called into my show and breaks down the journey so far…..

SEMTEX What’s going on?

HIT-BOY Man what’s good Semtex, man i’m out here setting, you know, the magnitude of what this is man, uh, i’m just blessed to be a part of it man, I’ve been working for a long time. It might seem like i’m producing man, like my credits go way back, like, when i was twenty i was doing Pop stuff for like Jennifer Lopez and the Pussycat Dolls and all this stuff so i just went through a whole lot to get to this point, to where you know, i was able to build with the kings and make a record of this, you know, magnitude man, so i’m just blessed.

SEMTEX I saw your tweet last week and you were talking about being brought to the stage with Jay-Z and Kanye West on the Watch The Throne tour when it hit Paris. How did that moment feel, before you did that crowd dive?

HIT-BOY Man, that was like, so surreal, like i couldn’t believe what was happening really man, but i was just, i was capturing the moment, man, like it’s just some stuff is just meant, like that song in general, like everything that came along with it started with just a line man and it was just that time, i felt like then crowning and the prince really man, you know what i’m saying, cause like you know, before i had even met Jay, man i always used o hear horror stories about how he didn’t mess with people and i could just tell from day one, you know, how, you know, i knew he was going to mess with me man and we made it some special stuff so, it’s a dope moment.

SEMTEXHow did you first hook up with Kanye?

HIT-BOY I linked up with Kanye though his cousin Ricky Anderson, me and my managers would just, you know, send beats and like, Kanye was working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, like, i was trying to get on that, then he was just like, just kept telling me to keep sending him beats and they didn’t really connect for that album because he kept telling me that Kanye wouldn’t really like my stuff so you now, anyway, a couple of months go past and he was like, yo, Kanye’s about to do a Christmas song with one of your beats, and i was like, a Christmas song? that was wild but it turned out to be Christmas in Harlem and you know what i’m saying, really got my name out there and that was our first musical composition together and here we are today.

SEMTEX ‘Way Too Cold’ is another monster, it’s another beast, it’s just like, it just makes you wanna headbutt the wall and just like, throw people around in the club and everything. How did that joint come about, was that a beat you made yourself and then Kanye wanted it, or did you do it together or…

HIT-BOY Oh no i did that beat, well i actually sent it to Khaled, it was for Khaled’s album originally but you know, Khaled send it to ‘Ye and ‘Ye killed it. ‘Ye was just like, man we can’t hold this for your album that’s coming out in a couple of months from now, we gotta’ put this out today. So ‘Ye hit me like, man we about to put this record out, i flew to New York and i had heard it maybe twenty minutes before they put it on the radio and played it for thirty minutes straight, you know what i’m saying, so, it was just a crazy moment man, but, you never know what you’re gonna get when you’re messing with a crowd like Kanye’s man, i just try to supply the best product i can and he does the rest.

SEMTEX It’s crazy to see what you’re doing right now because you’re making your own history but you’re also part of the G.O.O.D Music family. You also worked with Lil Wayne right?

HIT-BOY Yeah yeah, me and Chase N. Cashe did Drop The World with Wayne and Ricky Anderson back in 09 and we’ve just been grinding for a minute.

SEMTEX Your entry in to the game hasn’t been humble.

HIT-BOY(Laughs) Nah man, like i was saying earlier man, I’ve been working for a long time, just grinding and you know, just having placements there and that stuff really went under the radar but you know, every time it happens for me, it just starts a new line, like the way Drop The World came together and i got the Paris record and just like now, they’re really starting to understand and respect what i can do and what i can really bring to the game.

SEMTEX You worked with Lil Wayne, you worked with Pusha T, there’s a lot of friction between those guys at the moment, how does that affect you, when you approach the business and being creative?

HIT-BOY You know, to a point it does, but at the same time, like, you know, it’s a business, like, i just had an interview the other day and i was just saying that Sean and Wayne just put a record out together, so you gotta understand that like, we’re the younger guys, working with certain people, like will help our name get out there, so i don’t feel like it should affect what we’re doing cause like, we’re not really trying to be in the middle of it, like, it is what it is, you know?

SEMTEX It’s kind of dope though, because i think back in the day it was like, beef, you don’t work with that camp and i think now it’s kind of like a situation where, even if you’re man’s got a problem with this man, everyone’s still gotta work together because it’s, you know…

HIT-BOY ….and it’s for the sake of Hip-Hop, you know what i’m saying, for Wayne to embrace a dude like Sean right after the beef’s just happened, it’s just like, the incredible move like, just for him to get the younger crowd and just embrace what’s going on with the new people.

SEMTEX You unleashed your debut joint this week, it kind of feels like this is your ‘Through The Wire’, it kind of feels like this is the moment where, forget the fact that you’ve created some of the biggest bangers in the clubs and on the radio and everything, this is like, it feels like something big’s about to happen, i mean, how long have you been sat on this Jay-Z interview joint?

HIT-BOY Man I’ve been having this Jay-Z interview joint for a minute, i actually had that name for probably close to a year now, i just made up the name, i was like, that would be an ill title for a song. I remember when i first hashtaged it on Twitter, and now mad people are just Retweeting it, and i just kept it going and people were just interested, I felt like i wanted to make a moment out of it and just give something to the fans and the people who are already in to me and people who might not know me, so they have a chance to really feel close and understand my grind and what i’ve been going through for this last couple of years.

SEMTEX Many people didn’t know that you were good at spitting, you’re creating bangers, you’re kinda’ doing what Timbaland was doing, you’re taking it somewhere else and now you’re rapping as well, what comes next?

HIT-BOY Man i’m just working, i got a whole bunch of stuff coming, i’m doing the rap thing, i got a bunch of joints with that, that i’m putting together and i’m working with Justin Bieber, i got a joint on his album featuring Drake, and i got some more stuff with ‘Ye coming – i mean the whole G.O.O.D Music, so i’m just trying, you know what i’m saying, make music to the best of my ability and just supplying the world and the game with something special.

SEMTEX I heard you’ve been working with D’banj as well, he’s got a joint on the G.O.O.D Music album?

HIT-BOY Yeah man, i’ve been working with the whole click, man, just like, just figuring it out man, we just working.

SEMTEX Anything you wanna say to your UK fans?

HIT-BOYMan we out here, appreciate you accepting me and messing with me and understanding the movement, what’s about to happen to the game.

Check me out on BBC Radio 1xtra every Friday from 10pm.

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