George The Poet – #Babymother

George The Poet once again delivers some of the realist spoken word, look out for part 2 coming when this video hits 2000 views.

Read all the lyrics after the jump.

I said “Wagwan little man? What, you not my friend?
Cos I missed your birthday party you’re mad?” He said
“Mummy was there so you shoulda been too” I’m thinkin
‘Me and mummy’s cool but I can’t be your dad’. I
told him I would make it up to him.
Kids have this habit of assuming you’re balling.
But I wouldn’t be in this predicament if he didn’t
Catch me sneaking out his mummy’s room in the morning.
She don’t want him just exposed to any man. She’s
Only on a salary close to 20grand that’s for
Feeding her prince, there’s evil on her estate she’s tryna
Keep him convinced that he was not a mistake. But
He gets all the fun and she never gets her taste,
that’s the reason why I was there in the first place.
Staring at her face thinking this aint fair and it hurts, baby
Father didn’t care in the first place. Now as

Much as I enjoy his mum’s company tryna
Keep my mouth closed becomes dumb for me. The
Child needs the right man in his life but on the
Flipside his mum just wants somebody. And
That don’t make her a bad person, see. In terms of
Men that ain’t mature and adversity I’m
Sure she’s had worse than me. But for little man it’s the
Idea of his real dad versus me. So the
Questions he’s asking are awkward as hell and they’re
Starting to burn me like a white hot blast. Now
She wants to know what I’m saying cos this can’t
develop into something that might not last for him to
Face the maddest pain of a wasteman dad again, his
Home life looking like a snakes and ladders game,

that’s a shame. Cos
he could pass for either of our baby brother. And
I’m no dad I’m just another lady lover, that
Makes me a motherfucker, maybe another sucker but
Bottom line is she’s another babymother.

There’s a few things you need to know about the ends. Be
On your P’s & Q’s on road without your friends and if there’s
One thing as rare as a two-year salary
It’s a nuclear family. This
Truth might surprise you but all around the hood there’s only
2 types of guys:
The first type’s always on the worst hype. He sees
Sex without a condom as his birth-rite. Said “if you’re
Having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got
99 condoms and I haven’t used one.” The
Second guys they tend to recognise that playing with
Sex is effectively wrecking lives. And
If you believe in the Hood Virgin we know you’re pissed cos the
Fact of the matter is he don’t exist.

Take the condom out there’s alternative contraception, that’s when
Everyone’s perceptions all turn in the wrong direction, you can
Comfortably confirm that your partner’s clean and bare-
Back don’t make them a heartless fiend. You
Trust them, with no one’s detective skills then you
Start taking the contraceptive pill but that’s de-
ceptive still. They shoulda told you it makes u gain
Weight in bold letters on the protective seal. Now
Somewhere along the lines…
Call it a communication breakdown. There’s
No condoms and you came off the pill but these are
Mental notes you assume that they should take down. You
Have a lovers’ tiff then you wake up vex
Wrapping up a spliff send a break-up text, on the
Phone to your girls saying how you’ve had enough, he comes
Round, you fight then have make up sex…but you

Had a one night stand with a guy who don’t deserve it, he
Gave you what you want and alie you know you’re worth it.
Always making up but you never see new flowers now the
Clock starts counting down 72hours.
Can’t get it Thursday cos you come back from work late, ar-
Rived late on Friday but that don’t matter babe, just
Get it on Saturday, get your girly on and see Ken.
But the clinic closes early on the weekend

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