Passion Of The Craft (Trailer)

In May of 2011 three guys from the strategic ideas agency BANDIT flew over to New York to shoot this short film. They hooked up with 10 of the City’s (and worlds) most influential people in modern culture to discuss the modern interpretation of excellence.

They spoke to some incredibly talented people on this trip which you’ll see evidence of on the trailer and whilst you may not initially be familiar with the names or faces of these people, one thing you can bet on is that their work has in some way impacted something you’ve bought, seen, listened to or consumed in your life time.

Judging by the trailer it looks as if they got some incredible insight, I would suggest anyone who strives to be the best in their field be it, music, fashion, art etc watch the documentary when its released because the knowledge that’s shared in this film is priceless.

You can get updates about the release of the full documentary on facebook here.

One thought on “Passion Of The Craft (Trailer)

  1. Definitley gonna check this out when its released, I’m sure its very inspiring. To me it looks like its a expansion on the Maestro Knows serious as it features a few people featured in that.

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