Ms Dynamite doesn’t specifically mention anyone’s name, but its obvious who she is refering too. Check out Dynamites timeline for further inspiring words that ‘could be’ related to the situation.

As you can see, No-lay is pretty straight to the point with her views on the situation. Never one to hold back, check out her caustic direct opinion on her timeline.

Miss Fortune is a lot more vocal with her view on the matter.

This is actually pretty good apart from the autotune. Love the use of the Prince sample.

This isn’t a post looking to ignite beef or anything like that, but this is actually unprecedented. As a scene we’re in new territory with this situation.

Never has an artist said anything so controversial.
Never has a track gained so much attention and recieved such a vocal response from HipHop and Grime fans.
The fact that some of the most revered artists in our are speaking out is only a good thing, the fact newer female artists articulately speaking out is only a good thing. They have a better insight on the situation than any guy.

Could the negative actually be turned into a positive?

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