Mister Cee. Hot 97 DJ, one of New Yorks finest. DJ for Big Daddy Kane back in the day, and credited with discovering B.I.G. Clearly he’s a legend in the game.

But then it was revealed last week that he was caught……well you know what he was allegedly caught doing. It was one of those moments that nobody could believe, or wanted to accept until articles of the Police report started to appear across the net.
Whatever really happened, I don’t care. Hey……each to their own, whatever floats your boat, do you. As long as your not hurting anyone, live ya life.
Does this effect his legendary status? not really, you can’t take away any of his past achievements.
Let’s face it, if you eat at MC D’s you’ve probably put a lot worse in your mouth. The chances are your favourite rapper or footballer has done something much more foul.
Chris Brown beat Rihanna beyond recognition, but we’ve forgiven him within a couple of years and now he’s a ‘Champion’ at no.2 in the UK charts.

The crazy thing about this whole situation is not so much about Cee and the allegation, it’s more the fact that if this was anyone else. Any other DJ, rapper, Singer, actor, blogger, journalist, etc. they would have been crucified, torn apart, and literally stoned by the same people that are defending Cee or staying quiet.
New names, phrases, and rap metaphors would have been created within hours about the alleged incident, but its been pretty respectable across the board aside from his rival radio station taking shots, which is expected.

So what’s changed, why is everyone so forgiving and respectable all of a sudden?

Say it isn’t so. Could it be for one moment, could it actually be that we’ve gone from being the most punishing, fickle, unforgiving art-form to something more mature? Has the Hip-Hop fraternity actually grown up and moved with the times, actually respecting Cee as a person for his accomplishments, rather than judging him for a situation only he knows the details about?

Or is it simply just down to the fact that the Hip-Hop fraternity has become even more hypocritical than ever before?

Regardless of what really happened, big up Mister Cee all day. He’s made an indelible contribution to Hip-Hop that can’t be denied.

4 thoughts on “REAL TALK: MISTER CEE

  1. Admin aka Semtex just summed it up perfectly with this post. Exactly how I feel about the situation but due to me being an “up+coming” artist I do not currently have the platform to broadcast a similar message. Also, for the record, im 23. I missed the days when Cee was at his most influential so my feelings on this matter are not born through a case of loyalty but through a non-close minded view on the situation and situations like this in every aspect of the media/entertainment industry.

    Lets just hope we have evolved and not become doubly hypocritical……


  2. Great post Semtex. I hope people are starting to realise how little things like this matter.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Na fuck that gay shit lol u man are a bunch of poofs. Man got caught getting head from a male prostitute in a parked car at 4am. Regardless of his past achievements or what people may have thought of him he is blatantly a very sick man and should be looked at as such

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