MTV Video Music Awards 2010 (Ye’ Edition)

Ye stole the show at the MTV Video Music awards last night when he performed new track ‘Runaway’ with new G.O.O.D music signee and one half of the Clipse Pusha T. Expect this one to feature on kanye’s forthcoming album.

Shout to Info who came through with the audio for those of you like me who can’t wait for the album to drop.

Download : Kanye West feat. Pusha T – Runaway (MTV Video Awards)

How good does this sound!?

Hit more to see a clip of the film Kanye’s been shooting which will be released alongside the album which also features the track he performed up top.

C’mon, you must have known I was gonna give Ye his own post!

Thanks again to Yardie

6 thoughts on “MTV Video Music Awards 2010 (Ye’ Edition)

  1. Im sorry but i gotta disgree. To me Kanye’s performace was ok… but actually not that great (partly because when he trys to sing live his voice isnt up to scratch).. in fact i thought Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber both had better performances. I’m tryin not to let my bias for hiphop effect my views on performance…

    Also Swift did not try to bury Ye, if you listen to the song she’s actually trying to say she forgives him.

    Ho Hum, at least Mary showed people how to sing tho.

  2. taylors song wasnt about forgiving him- it was about saying yes i forgive but im gonna act sad on stage and tell you to grow up.

    when infact playing the clip from last year then, cutting to taylor looking all heartbroken in a dark room.

    thats childish.

    she said she forgives him to look good to infront of the mainstream audience but still trying to get them to hate him.

    its very pathetic and the fact she went through with it all says alot about her.

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