Kanye West – From Civilisation To Power (Making Of Power Video)

POWER shows a continuous camera move from extreme close-up of Mr. West revealing an a neoclassical video tableau showing characters and creatures surrounding him in an abstract environment – all moving in extreme slow motion.

Inspired by Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel, the piece depicts a faux historical moment – an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence and corruption.

The full ‘Video’ is set to debut on MTV tomorrow night in the US.

2 thoughts on “Kanye West – From Civilisation To Power (Making Of Power Video)

  1. This is gonna be incredible! I can already see visually there will be so many illuminati connections made, but i think it is pure genius. He is an artist in all senses of the word. – great post

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