Jabari Presents : Episode 01 : Nigel Sylvester

We have been working so hard on this documentary series over the past few months and I am proud to announce that it is finally here! I know I am known for interviewing musicians and entertainers but I wanted to kick off the first season of Jabari Presents with something a little different.

I went to Queens, NY to speak to pro-bmx biker, Nigel Sylvester, who at just 22 has become an international face for the sport of BMX and is sponsored by companies like Nike, Gatorade, and Animal. Watch as Nigel speaks about how he started, almost quitting, and what he wants to do to take BMX to the next level (he even teaches me how to do a trick!).

Make sure you take the time to watch this, the way its shot, the editing and the overall content make for a great first episode.

2 thoughts on “Jabari Presents : Episode 01 : Nigel Sylvester

  1. The difference with between the guys who should and could achieve some longevity is the way the product is presented (or sold), whenever it looks/feels like quality, people will buy in.

    That’s what this vid looked like, a quality production with a real feel that a more standard interviewer might not get.


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