Diddy & Dirty Money feat. Skepta – Hello, Good Morning (Grime Remix) Radio Rip


So back in April Diddy hit twitter saying he wanted to make a Grime remix of Hello, Good Morning. He asked his followers who from the UK should feature.

Twitter spoke and said Skepta was that guy, four months later we have the finished product.

It premiered last night, take a listen to the radio rip below. What do you think?

Download : Diddy, Dirty Money & Skepta – Hello, Good Mornin (Grime Remix) Radio Rip

4 thoughts on “Diddy & Dirty Money feat. Skepta – Hello, Good Morning (Grime Remix) Radio Rip

  1. Erm- I feel this situation is so wrong… I cant decide if diddy is ust using grime as a way to appeal to the UKfans and promote himself or he genuinly is takeing an interest.

    At first i thought it was the first one but im not sure now judgeing by the fact that the remix is actually good- and diddy actually had a hand in it at least.

    hmm eitherway The Remix Is Great but diddy shouldnt sit and pretend like hes just discovered grime.

  2. I’ve got nothin but love 4 Skeppy. He’s soooo talented everything he touches is always great, love original Diddy track having Skepta on the Grime version is a perfect match. All thats missin if Frisco & JME. BBK all day… Keep up the fabulous keep doin u Skeppy. Peace & love RED xx

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