Wiley – The Zip Files


If you don’t follow Wiley on twitter, you’ve been missing out.

After some disagreements with his manager he decided he would release a massive catalogue of music to the internet for FREE, and when I say massive, I mean it, 200+ tracks!.

There’s some serious heat contained in the zip files, stop wasting time, hit more and get your download on!

Download : Wiley Zip 1 | Wiley Zip 2 | Wiley Zip 3 | Wiley Zip 4 | Wiley Zip 5 | Wiley Zip 6 | Wiley Zip 7 | Wiley Zip 8 | Wiley Zip 9 | Wiley Zip 10 | Wiley Zip 11

8 thoughts on “Wiley – The Zip Files

  1. because there is no password on the zip’s,

    i uploaded them all without passwords and every one else has been able to download them without any trouble.

  2. Wiley ZIP files all tagged and combined into a single BitTorrent : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E227PW3HZLUQLI46JGNJBAMFWMZJ53WJ

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