1. This is not UK.. this is ENGLAND… when will rappers realise that Scotland is far away from England and slapping UK as a name does not actuallly constitute a UK tour

  2. Lets hope its the real Doom. and Scott as far as I know Scotland is attached to England so i wouldn’t call it ‘far away’… douchebag

  3. Thanks for your concern Lee Allen but when a rapper you really want to see ever plays Scotland and not England then lets see you atleast complain that you have to make a minimum 6 hour journey (and thats by train, not even car).. so before you start throwing the term douchebag around think how it is when you live in Aberdeen, where by its 2.5 hours atleast to Glasgow for “some” rappers… prick

  4. i feel your pain Scott it is a bit misleading its just cause of dat Bristol date.

    And will there be any proof MF is actually gonna be there alot of rumours circulating about his live show not being him but just a bunch of his henchmen taking turns to be him on stage

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