Who the hell is Perajok?
Well she’s Russian, an influential blogger, one of the most loyal Kanye Stans, MTV Russia VJ and she’s been voted the 2009 MAXIM Magazine Hottest Russian Woman.
But how the hell is she one of the influential Kanye West stans in the world and she’s based in Russia? How does she get all that information, all the photos and MP3 leaks before everyone else?

Is she the person that Big Sean should be mad at? Is she person that leaked ‘Flight School’ before GLC even managed to lay his verse down?
Whilst doing a show with Dizzee in Moscow, I had to reach out to this fellow Ye’ stan. I was gonna film this interview, but I’m not sure if people are ready the English vs Russian hook up, anyway just apply a sexy Russian accent when reading her answers..

SEMTEX:How were you first introduced to HipHop?
PERAJOK: As a kid I was not big fan of music, but always prefer hip hop to other genres because beside the music there was a story behind each artist, track or collabo. Later in 2004, when we finally discovered internet in Russia, I came closer to it listening to all black everything (no Soulja Boy), doing research of the whole game.
Today everybody knows that Our Beloved Kanye West is the most incredible artist of all time
but back then it was hard to bring my friends into his music – nobody even heard of him!
I’ve launched my blog to share G.O.O.D. Music and latest news about Kanye in 2006 when hip hop blogosphere didn’t exist at all.

SEMTEX: What does HipHop mean to Russia?
PERAJOK: Russian Hip Hop scene is awful. Even worst than french or german.
Russian rappers are very ugly, they got no flow, they don’t do drugs..
When I listen to them I hate my language! They have fans cuz still
there is a people who don’t speak english. Of course we have a real
hip hop fans who grow up on 2Pac, Xzibit and Coolio and still playin
these 3 tracks on their nokia 5230 (Russian iPod).

SEMTEX: What was the first Kanye verse you ever heard?
PERAJOK: I think it was This Way by Dilated Peoples.

SEMTEX: Have you ever met Kanye?
PERAJOK: Nah. That pic of us riding the bike that you saw on mediatakeout was photoshopped Lady Gaga.

SEMTEX: What makes him different from every other artist?
PERAJOK: He never repeat himself, changes the game with every album. Listening
to 808s even I couldn’t believe he can make another classic hip hop
album not coming back to College Dropout or Late Registration sound.
Now we have new single Power and it’s definitely another level. Kanye
[has grown up] as a rapper a lot, even since ‘Run This Town’ which was his best
rap performance of last year, kinda little preview of his new style.


SEMTEX: You’ve emerged as one of the leading bloggers on all things Kanye and
good music, how do you get all this content?

PERAJOK: I follow 50+ hip hop blogs/websites to get most of my blog content.
Some of G.O.O.D. Music artists like Big Sean or Tony Williams show me
luv giving fresh exclusive stuff, adding my logo to mixtape liner notes..
I have another sources I can’t talk about until you turn off that
hidden camera in your bag =\.

SEMTEX: Lol, ok what do you think of his new track Power? It doesn’t feel like people
have really clocked the meaning behind the song yet?

PERAJOK: Exactly. That’s weird cuz people was waiting for new Kanye for months
and now talking shit like doing coke and want to kill himself. Actually he disses SNL, Amber, Obama, etc in this track. With this new album he’s coming back [with] anger and stronger
than he ever been.

Check out Perajok for the latest news on all things Ye’ and Good Music, from Russia with Love.


  1. She’s a hottie indeed!) Was a fan of her back in the days and watched all of her MTV shows :) Couldn’t even believe that the blog belongs to her :)

  2. What a dumb bitch noob. Russian hip hop has no flow/sucks? Yeah, if you listen to Timati and other gay ass shit. Old school masters like Grundig (Raby Lampy, Ligalaiz, Yug, No Namerz and many more) + current great artists like Nogano are excellent musicians/rappers/producers/flow masters. Too bad bitch wouldn’t know anything about them since she only “discovered internet in 2004″. What fucking Russian village did you come from? We had internet in Moscow since 1993 LOL. You call yourself a hip hop fan/knowledge? Loool…if Guru(gangstarr) was still alive, he’d laugh in your face, noob.

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