8 thoughts on “THE IPAD

  1. I have no need for one, I have an iphone, blackberry and macbook which I leave the house with everyday.

    Somehow I still want one.

  2. Nah, im a Mac stan, but im not in this. It looks cool but i’m good with the mac book for now.

    Gonna see what the new iphones are saying in June.

  3. I agree. I already own a smartphone, an iPod Touch and a Macbook, so I don’t really have any need to purchase one….

    Saying that, it does look like a dope piece of kit.

  4. Yea I’m a Mac stan too; iPod, iPhone, MacBook Pro and iMac. I personally think, like the iPod and the iPhone, it’s a game changer and while atm ‘we’ think ‘we’ don’t need it remember a while back when ‘we’ didn’t need all the features an iPhone had, hell remember when ‘we’ didn’t need Twitter… I just think we’ll see all the tech companies in a few years trying to catch up with Apple, again point back to the iPod and iPhone.

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