1. A truly heart-wrenching performance for a cause that defies comprehension. My prayers and thoughts are with the families and friends of all the survivors of this tragedy; may they find comfort in the love of each other and the knowledge that the world has not forgotten their plight in this terrible time. We are with you, if not in body, then in spirit.

    God bless all the artists who donated their time to this event, it will be paid back to you in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

    I am composing a ‘Requiem de Novi Orbus’ – Requiem for the New World – in memory of those who died, and for those who survived this disaster. I pray that this will, in some way, bring some comfort to those who have survived. Hopefully the piece will be done in time for the first anniversary of the quake.

    Again, God bless, and don’t let the work stop – when the cameras turn off and the media goes home there will still be hundreds of thousands without homes, millions needing to return to ‘normalcy’ – something that may take years to achieve.

    Peter Amsel, Ottawa, Canada

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