This is probably the most diverse list your going to see; U.S. and UK artists, well known names, never seen or heard before names. Obvious picks, some not so obvious.

We’re not saying all of these artists are going to go platinum, but they are all making exciting, innovative music that you should own, or at the very least check out. These 10 are going to make a lot of moves in 010′.

He’s been on the grind for the last few years.
He dropped the Hood Economics mixtape, the Sexy Beast mixtape, toured with the Cool KIds, worked with Hudson on the ‘Anyone But Him’ remix and more.
He’s passed through my show and dropped some legendary freestyles, and Tinie finally signed a deal at the end of 09′.

His debut single ‘Pass Out’ has got the streets, and In 010′ expect his work ethic to multiply, watch out for his debut album.

Before Invincible dropped Griminal didnt have a club joint out there, but he was tearing up every show. Labels are currently wooing him, and he’ll probably have signed a deal by the time i finish this sentence. Virgin, Sony, Universal, Atlantic are all trying to lock him down.

MeLo-X – Emcee, producer and DJ, MeLo-X is the closest thing you can get to a triple threat in the music game.

2009 saw his unique live show (just him and an MPC) hit Europe, he dropped an incredible remix EP of tracks from Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night (which received acclaim from fans and Maxwell himself!), the launch of a dedicated web docu-series following his every step oh and a live performance with the legendary Roots.

2010 will see MeLo go from strength to strength with the release of new material both as an Emcee and producer.

You could say Kendrick Lamar is our wild card entry, only because we don’t know much of his back story. What we do know however is his EP, (The Kendrick Lamar EP) would stand up well against a lot of artists albums that dropped in recent memory.


If you haven’t stepped to the EP yet, get it here. If the EP is this good, we are looking forward to future releases, please believe we will post them up here for your listening pleasure.

The Charming Mixtape really put TL on the map, his unique flow combined with the eclectic selection of beats resulted in one the most unique sounding releases of 09. Since its release TL has been performing all over the US and Europe, building on the success of touring and the Mixtape it is expected we will see a debut album release in 2010. We may even get to hear his contribution as part of Mark Ronson’s fictional group ‘Chauffeur’ alongside Sam Sparrow following the release of ‘Soles Of Fire’.
If you’re not familiar already, get familiar, you will be hearing a lot more of this man’s name in 2010.

Giggs’ rise has been calculated. First, Mash up the mixtape scene, Second, Spit a hot freestyle, put it on YouTube and watch it get one of the highest view counts from a UK Rapper, thirdly, collaborate with one of the most talented up-and-comers in the US, B.o.B and create a smash, then do the same here with one of the most talented and well respected figures in the UK music scene Mike Skinner. The debut release on XL records is on the way, we have heard some of it and trust us when we say this, Giggs’ is gonna be a problem in 2010.

The only female to have made noise in 09′.
Nicki’s impact is undeniable, she has her own style, her flows are crazy, she has her own stans, and she is the first lady of Young Money.

Whether Wayne writes her lyrics or not, she is a beast on the mic, check out her freestyle over Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ or her verses on the Young Money album. She is currently the cameo queen, and it is literally all eyes on Nicki for 010.
Lets keep it real. Everyone likes to see a big butt and a smile, and its even better when she flips the English accent.

Formerly part of the Movement, Devlin has been putting in the work for the last few years. Mixtapes, clashes, legendary features, 1.5 million youtube hits on his London City video; he’s put in the work and earnt his stripes.

Several labels are currently trying to secure his signature, and release his debut album ‘Bud Sweat and Beers’. Do not expect any sugar coated pop shit from Devlin. ‘Comunity Outkast’ is the kind of introspective lyricism that Devlin is bringing to the table in 010′.

It took a minute for J Cole to come through. It wasn’t until he dropped the ‘Warm Up’ mixtape in 09′, before he unleashed his skills on the blogosphere.

For HipHop DJ’s he was the best kept secret, its only now that regular folk are starting to catch up.

Signed by Jay-z to Roc Nation, Hov gave him him the official baptism on the Kanye produced ‘A Star Is Born’, and he recently shined very brightly alongside Jay Electronica and Mos Def on Reflection Eternals lyrical workout, ‘Just Begun’.

He dropped the hottest mixtape of 09′, he’s a mean MC, he can sing, he can act, he’s got the necessary co-signs from the Hip-Hop Iluminati, he has the same management as Kanye West and Lil Wayne, he’s black, he’s white, he’s Jewish, he has got that same Buzz the 50 Cent had before he dropped Get Rich Or Die Trying.

Can you honestly tell me anyone else is going to own 2010? Put money on Drake’s debut album ‘Thank Me Later’ being the biggest and fastest selling album of 010′.

15 thoughts on “10/10 | TEN ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2010

  1. If your putting Drake and J Cole in there who really kinda blew up in 09 already how can you not count B.o.B, Mikey Factz, Wale, and a longshot with Charles Hamilton…i bet atleast one of them will be bigger than atleast 5 of your 10 and the end of this year

  2. Do your homework bro, I tipped Factz 2 years ago, BoB last year, and Wale released his album last year.

    Charles Hamilton has alienated the blogosphere and 99% of his fan base, so im not sure how you can make such a sweeping statement.

    Drake and Cole havent released albums yet, they only dropped mixtapes in 09. Have you checked any of the other artists?

  3. Shamethat out of all the UK artists you chose I reckon only one will really take off…Giggs.

    Although these two may break through, Tempah and Grim are gonna find it difficult to make much of an impact when artists like Chipmunk and Tinchy are still riding high…and if Dizzee drops another album as well it’ll get real tough for the little known cats to come through….but who knows, just an opinion!

    Did Chase and Status miss out because they’re not strictly regarded as hip-hop?

  4. I think we could of included them but if we were to include everyone we thought were gonna do well in 2010 we would have a VERY long list.

    Good shout though, More Than Alot was a heavy album and since then working with Hov and Rihanna has really upped their profile. Hoping the work they did with Drake come’s to light.

  5. Yeh i know you tipped BoB and Charles Hamilton last year and i gotta say thanks to you for that. But i know you tipped Drake last year aswell, and i think you might have tipped Cole too, so that cant be the only reason you didnt tip BoB.

    And Wales album isnt released in the UK and he isnt really that big over here, but i rate him highly.

    Ok yeh Charles disappeared but he put out Normalcy which i havent listend to yet but we both know he is a good enough lyricist, to come back in a flash.

    No disrepect though Sem, you’re the main reason i know about any of these artists but i just feel that your 9 for last year are levels ahead of these 10, I was looking forward to some new hiphop to get stuck into but the only person there i hadnt heard of is Kendrick Lamar.

  6. LOL Mickey Factz is not going to make it, Wale is not everyones fave, and Charles is currently reinventing himself… so Drake and J cole belong there, good list guys. Hmm Griminal though?… Debatable..

  7. Generally a very good selection, I’m still unsure personally about Theopilus, he’s had v.big co-signs from YoYo team and Gilles peterson, I’m looking forward to seeing him over here in Feb @ Gilles’ worldwide awards. J.Cole has to of been the most exciting guy to emerge this year, and although i was completely blown over by Drake when he first dropped THAT mixtape, it was a great step up from comeback season his dominance on my playlists has waned. He will conquer the UK top 40 next year though. Love you’re black, white and jewish comment lol Happy New Year fellas.

  8. “…and for the first time ever, the equilibrium of U.S. artists vs. UK is finally tipped in our favour….”

    LMAO somebody lied.

  9. Not really, its actually easier to get an English artist on the radio than it is a U.S. artist.

    English artists are selling more than most U.S. rappers which is a fact , and the media is more favorable towards UK than U.S. right now.

    Your in denile bro, accept it there’s a lot of moves being made.

    Dont be afraid of change.

  10. Nah not in denile, of course it’s easier to get an English artist on the radio that a US artist over here, look how small the UK is, for crying out loud Florida is bigger than the UK. But “tipped in our favour” let’s be serious UK will never match up to the level of artist in the US, not cus the UK isn’t talent which it is I’m not denying that or the moves being made, but c’mon UK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>US. Hopefully more artist from the UK will be recognised but, US OWN the rap/hip-hip dare I say “urban” music industry, and that’s just the way it is.

  11. Instead of waiting to hate, read the post properly. Its about the UK, yes the equilibrium is tipped in our favour in our own Country for the first time.

    Uk artists have never had this amount of ticket sales, airplay, or album/single sales.

    Do you know how hard it is to get radio play out here? Ask any MC who tried to get airplay before 09.

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