1. nicki minaj is not all of that and he ass is so fake fuck outta here yall bitch and nigga on her gay ass pussy nasty bitch

  2. stacey you are nuttin but a HATER!!!!!!!!! she is one of the best female rappers ever!!!!!!! and as for usher he’s not all that but he is not fake!!!!!! you the fake ass bitch that needs a good fuckin!!!!! and there is nuttin wrong wit nikki bein gay!!!!! you probably dont lyk her cuz she can get guys an girls if she wants……unlike your stupid, ugly ass self!!!!!

  3. I agree u ain’t nothing but anotha bitch ass hater waistin time tryin to hate on anotha black women gittin her success on u act like it ain’t even hard enough tryin to be a black women out here and still be successful it’s terrible u Hatin when u should be supportin so while u hatin and usin all that energy over some bullshit nikki will be makin her paper and u will still be hatin like a lil bitch ass hater fuck u and all u bitch ass haters to. Love u nikki!!!!! Keep on bring them hits and fuck what these dumb ass haters say…..

  4. i agree with stacey because nicki may not be all big now but i bet she gettin more pussy or dick than u ever could u just a fake ass bitch hater mother fucker cuz imma bad bitch.

  5. stacey or wateva dhe fuck yo name is….yhu need 2 sit dha fuck down fuh real idk y yhu tryna talk abt NICKI baybee u aint got no room to be talkin bout nobodi BITCH ‘cus NICKI doin ha thang &’nd fuh all duh otha females who got a fuckn prolem wit NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!

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