Don’t get me wrong it is amazing that he is in power, he has achieved a lot, etc, but wasn’t it the people that put him there?

Isn’t it a little premature, as he hasn’t actually done anything yet. Troops are still in Afghanistan, Iraq, he hasn’t pushed through any of the health reforms, he hasn’t cut down the no. of nuclear weapons in the world, and kids are still getting killed in the streets of the U.S.

Obama could be the greatest leader the world has ever seen, but he could also be the worlds biggest failure if he doesn’t make any changes within his term.

At the moment he is a political beacon for hope, and a radical shift for the P.R. of the USA, that was put in power by the people of the U.S.

Does that really justify a Nobel Peace prize? Is it up there with the achievements of past winners such as Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan, and Desmond Tutu? Not really.
All of these people and many more before them did instigate a change in Human conciousness, and in some cases put their life on the line for Peace.

If anything the prize should have gone to the people of the U.S. for collectively recognising, pursuing, and demanding the need for change.

Don’t get it twisted, Obama is just a Politician who has yet to prove himself like anyone else.

KRS1 offers his perspective….


  1. In my view the award was given to the President as a signal for his multilateral efforts to control the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and engagement with the wider world.
    As the President of the leading super power, multilateral engagement goes along way indeed.


  2. Your right it is way to early, I’m not sure who the other nominees were, but I hope no one was robbed. Having said that he arguably has done enough to deserve one, I just think they should wait till he’s finished to give it to him. He lifted the embargo on Cuba, open negotiations with the middle east and closed guantanamo bay. Now they are arguably easy things to do as President, but would McCain? These are significant contributions to the global community, the U.S.A are world leaders people do follow them. Add to that, that he ‘Barrack Hussain Obama’ represents a shift in racial views in one of the most racist contries in the world, the most powerfgul man in the world is as KRS said an official “African-American” with a muslim father, that is very big.

    So yeah he may not of really achieved that much but he has made significant ripples in the global pond that will effect generations. Can’t really complain.

  3. He hasn’t just been give the prize for what he’s achieved thus far as president. In fact I doubt that’s why he got it at all. He’s worked continuously behind the scenes, campaigning and achieving great things for the good of mankind for years, since his late 20s. He deserves it 110%

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