At the age of 25, Dizzee Rascal has got a lot under his belt:

*3 Gold albums.
*3 independent no.1 singles
*The fastest selling single of the year.
*A third sell out tour.
*A date at Electric Proms which sold out in 2 hours.
*The first UK MC to appear on Jonathon Ross.
*The first UK MC to perform main stage at Glastonbury.

….the list goes on.

Tomorrow, Dizzee Rascal could be the first UK MC to attain an independent no.1 album. Industry insiders are saying he could sell ****** in the first week [I'm not trying to jinx the figures], but lets just say he’s going to do a lot.

As expected, his 4th album is hot, and will be his biggest. I’m glad to say he’s done it again. Not only is he pushing the art form forward, but he has figured out the blueprint for Success in the UK, he is making it easier for every other UK MC or producer to get put on.

Dizzee Rascal is living history in the making. Whether you buy music or scrape the net for downloads, make sure ‘Tongue N Cheek’ is the one album that you cop this year.
Tomorrow he is up against Madonna, and some other weak pop sh*t, so lets make sure he gets that no.1 spot.
He will be the first UK MC to ever do it!


  1. Semtex…..

    [Im not hating...cos I'm a Dizzee, thats got all hes albums thus far]

    But I think you’re kinda wrong there….The Streets was the 1st UK MC to obtain a UK No. 1 album, with ‘A Grand Don’t Come for Free’ in 2004.

    It didnt debut @ No. 1 but it made its way to the top spot after a few weeks.

    I think Dizzee will be the first UK MC to “debut” @ No. 1….

    [Long live UK Hip Hop]

    Fingers Crossed…pause [Actually, we're off that..No Bruno]

  2. Damn….lol

    My reply was to your first ‘Dizzee Rascal – Tougue N’ Cheek’ post [i.e before the edit] which stated, “Dizzee Rascal could be the first UK MC to attain a no.1 album tomorrow” as opposed to “Dizzee Rascal could be the first UK MC to attain an independent no.1 album”.


    Hope he gets it. I’ll be copping mine.

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