JAY-Z | ROUNDHOUSE | 17.09.09 [PART 1]


Last night was a great night, Hov’s hotly anticipated return to perform in London at The Roundhouse had finally arrived and I was one of the lucky people in attendance. When tickets went on sale a couple of weeks back they sold out in just 20 seconds! This lead to a number of emails/tweets/desperate attempts in the days leading up to last night from a lot of people to try and secure a ticket. Touts outside the venue were asking for a minimum

10 thoughts on “JAY-Z | ROUNDHOUSE | 17.09.09 [PART 1]

  1. im a huge fan, bought the overpriced ticket n all. and imagine he didnt play not one song NOT 1 off of Reasonable Doubt.

    let me just say if you ever go to a Nas concert ever.. YOU KNOW HE WILL BLAZE ILLMATIC 100%.

    my Point is it was an “ok” show for his standard!

    Im i the only one tripping? a Jay-Z concert without RD?

  2. I see what you’re saying,

    Show was cool, polished performance with the Roc boys and Neil Armstrong but I think a lot of people would of included different tracks on the set list.

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