1. How is this cool when this is not the first time he’s done it?? Kanye’s a grown man who acts like a 5 year old. I mean for f-cks sake, this wasn’t even his nomination to get upset about.

    Think about what he did? Who does something like that… again?? Dude has a serious problem managing his feelings – he can’t keep falling back on this, I’m a passionate artist excuse every time he pulls one of these little temper tantrum sturts. Sh-t ain’t cool!

    You know what the funny thing is though? I actually agree with him! He has a comelling basis for arguing that Swift did not deserve the award over Beyonce, but HE WAS STILL WRONG for what he did! He couldn’t have just blogged his objection to her winning after the fact instead of acting like an ass? I love his music but Ye is a seriously-flawed individual….

  2. 1st, 2nd or 3rd time it doesnt really matter to me.

    I see where your coming from. I agree, it wasnt the best way to get his message across but it was a spur of the moment reaction, im sure we can all recall times in our lives where we have done or said something on emotion and regretted it later.

    He HAS apologised. It doesnt make up for it or justify it but I think the whole media reaction and online reaction has been way over the top.

    People are going on nuts, some of the criticism I have read has been completely unobjective and over the top.

  3. nah he fucked up. that was an ignorant thing to do, period. that wasn’t his moment, and being someone who has had people doubt his skills, he should’ve been more understanding.

    he was drunk, and while his *words* weren’t bad, his actions and intent were disgusting.

  4. i think semtex needs to jump off the kanye dick for a sec and quit fighting a loosing battle he knew what he was doing and the outcome so let him suffer the consequences of being a prick, talented or not!

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