Melo-X @ Cargo London [FOOTAGE]


So, after much anticipation the Summer Bubblers event came around at Cargo London. There were a number of different people performing all of whom were very good but I was waiting to see Melo-X.

I was not dissapointed, his performance was incredible, full of energy, he absolutely tore it down. If you see this guys name on a flyer at any event in your city, you need to go see him perform, its an experience!

Below is some footage, I forget how deep the sound system is at Cargo (the speakers completely rocked the place,everything was vibrating!) , it basically killed the audio in the footage so apologies for that but you can quite clearly see how much dedication dude has to performing, his energy and enthusiasm rubbing off on the crowd.

I had the opportunity to talk to Melo-x through out the evening and I got to say dude was real friendly and very approachable which was really refreshing, I have no doubt he is go on to big big things.

For anyone that missed the previous posts about Melo-x below are download links for his latest track and mixtape.

Download : Melo-X – Let it

Download : Melo-X – Renaissance


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