Jay-Z – Blueprint 3


So, the last couple of days has seen the internet quite rightly go nuts as news about Jay’s Blueprint 3 is starting to materialise.Tonight has seen it go into overdrive though with details of the first single and who it will feature.

To summarise for you,

  • Blueprint 3 is set to drop September 11th 2009 (Same day as the original BP in 2001)
  • This sunday should see the leak of DOA (Death Of Autotune) a track to be featured on BP3
  • The first official single to be lifted off the album will feature Drake and will drop sometime in July



Details from DJ Skee

7 thoughts on “Jay-Z – Blueprint 3

  1. Cant wait for this to drop! im hyped! Hov and Ye been stirring up a storm, its gonna be big!
    i kinda think leaving it until september to release is a bit risky, most of the tracks will probably be circulating by then!

  2. It was rumoured at one point that Kanye was supposed to be producing the whole thing, he definately produced Death of Auto-tune along with No Id

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