He’s officially the hottest artist for 2010.
Drake was supposed to pass through my show last Friday, but he canceled at the last minute due to a studio session that was running late……..with Rihanna.

I hooked up with him the following day, instead of doing the usual studio interview, we hit Hyde Park, which is London’s equivalent of Central Park.

Drake breaks down:

*The Rihanna situation.
*Working with Kanye West
*Working with Chase & Status
*The forth-coming album and releasing it independently.
…..and more.

I’m gonna drop the full interview on 1xtra this Friday, 10pm.


  1. Wooiiiiiii. Great interview, love the ‘self-snitching’… Did you guys get stopped in Hyde Park at all? Or is he still in that unrecogniseable thing over here?

  2. if he writing for rhianna, why is he in london

    semtex i had to point something out, to you, you said big sean on of the hottest rappers in the game, when i read that i had to plainface that, nigga what hits has he got, dude only getting buzz on the some blogs, not in the streets

    dude buzz is no where no drake, dude has the same amount of buzz as yung berg

  3. OMG..is he still in the uk?
    i would have drove ma self down to hyde park…even tho its like 2 hours away!

  4. this guy is so over rated

    what has a little rich jew kid got to say in his music?
    he is a failed actor turned rap/singer

    get of his nuts ppl

  5. I wouldn’t buy this dudes album for nothing …and hearing that he’s writing for rihanna am not looking forward to that album..his music sucks so what to expect ?!?!

  6. Drake is doing it big, interesting to hear Kanye is going to be controling the album. I’m not sure about that, I guess it makes sense commercially and Kanye is heavy but he’s not the first person I’d think of for Drake. The album is gonna smash but he still needs to up the publicity, I know bare people who don’t have a clue about him, that I guarentee wud buy the album.

  7. Wiered that reading from the comments dude polorizises opionion so much.

    I think the album will be a big hit regardelss of who produces it, or the majoirty of, dudes got so much hype. Like previously stated though I’m still telling people about ‘So Far Gone’ so who knows whether the sucess will be instant…

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