This was a dope interview:

RubyHornet: You called out Wale on Twitter a couple months back for kind of blowing off an interview, and you since made amends with him. Beyond that situation, which I find happens to me 1 out of every 5 or so interviews, is quite common and frustrating. What do you see at the heart of the problem, is there a discrepancy in the respect levels writers have for artists and vice versa?

DJ Semtex: It’s very simple. If you want to sell more than 10 records, you have to do the work. You have to be able to host great interviews to get your story across. People want to buy into artists more than ever before, but they also want to know about them than ever more. Funnily enough, the Wale incident indirectly did that for him, after he left Twitter his following grew by a couple of thousand, and he will probably be one of the most interviewed artists of the year. People wanted to know what was going on, even though it was a minor incident that lasted 2 hours. I honestly didn’t know the impact of Twitter until that happened, I actually didn’t know how it worked properly until then…Every year there is a new generation of Hip Hop fans, they don’t know your story or care who you are unless you’re a multi-platnum artist [which is few and far between these days] or constantly on a global tour. You take a year out, you are starting from scratch again. A myspace page, or a blog that is run by ‘your man’, a few mixtapes isn’t enough…Whether artists like to admit it or not, they need the blogger, they need the DJ, they need to do a hot interview.

Check it out in full here.

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