He’s back. LOL at Amy Winehouse.

Run-DMC & Eminem

What do you think?
Is it the joint?
Has he still got it?
Has Asher got anything to worry about?


10 thoughts on “EMINEM – WE MADE YOU [VIDEO + AUDIO]

  1. Vintage Em back as the lyrical clown. Video is cool. Bit let down by the tune. Here’s hoping the remainder of the album is a big step up from Crack A Bottle and this.

    Btw, have a good1 in Glasgow 2nite. Tried to arrange an interview but no luck;( Enjoy

  2. obv asher has something to worry about its eminem
    but this song isn’t gonna be the main song for him to worry about if you know what im saying

  3. Asher definitely has something to worry about. He tried to fill the gap whilst Eminem was away, but now he can return to selling counterfeit goods at college.

    The song is awful! However theres always a ‘crazy’ song before a decent one, so lets patiently wait.

  4. There’s no doubt that Em’ is one of the best in the game, and I know this joint is big business.

    But this and ‘Crack a bottle’ doesn’t touch anything that he did on his first 2 albums.

  5. “Crack A Bottle” was a detox leak that had Eminem doing the reference verse for Dre (Just like “Topless”) so it had to be leaked. It wasn’t a planned release but It still sold 450,000 I-Tunes singles in the first week.

    Asher Roth can’t dream of doing those numbers so maybe the question should be has Eminem got anything to worry about? Answer… No

    This is well produced and still murdering most of the tripe out there at the moment and his formula is that he always comes with a gimmicky first song so I’m hopeful for the album

  6. I like this. As Rob says, it’s well produced, and Em will always come with that gimmicky/pop-like first song for the radio and for MTV/TRL/etc

    Regarding Asher Roth, I don’t think he’s got much to worry about. Granted, Eminem will outsell him, and most commercial radio & TV stations, websites etc will give him more coverage, but Asher has built up a pretty solid fanbase over the past 12 months. With the right promotion and timing, I’m sure both can co-exist without any problems…I’ve got the feeling Asher will sell pretty well…

    I wouldn’t say Asher has tried to fill the void whilst Em’s been away – whilst they may have similar flows (and voices) they still have their different styles

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