I traveled several thousands miles to catch one of the hottest shows of 09′. I took a 3 hour cab ride from Houston to Austin.

Within hours of landing in Houston, I was on the streets of Downtown Austin.
It wasn’t fun. I didn’t know where I was going, I was tired, the streets were jammed with People. it was like Nottinghill carnival, but instead of soundsystems, it was different bars and clubs that were blasting out all different kinds of music. You really need to plan ahead when your at SXSW, otherwise your wasting a lot of time.

I didn’t get to the Asher Roth show, the Nah right party or anything else. The ATM wouldnt let me draw any more $$$, I was p*ssed!
So I made my way to the Good music rehearsal and hooked up with Hudson and Cudi at the Fader fort.

Even though there was a rehearlsal at 11pm, Kanye wanted a thourough production at 1pm the following day.

This was crazy, this was like a scene out of the Godfather. Kanye was seated at the top of the table with Adam ( the musical director) going through the set list..

While the Good Music artists and band were sat across the other tables.
L to R: GLC, Hudson, Ibn

I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m not sure what was more inspiring, the planning or the set list.

Its rare to see the Good music fam in one place at the same time.
L to R: Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Really Doe, Mr Hudson, GLC, Kanye West, Tony Williams, Consequence.

From Chicago, to Queens, to Detroit, to Cleveland, to London. Each artist brings something different to the table.

GLC gets the camera ready to expose someone’s weakness whn it comes to kicks. All im saying is, it wasn’t me, but someone was getting ripped on all day lol!

6PM: We set off to the Fader Fort, the buses line up to take us there.

I was rolling with Cudi, Hudson, and Consequence

We are immediately taken to the Levis store for some freeness.
Cudi is an ill artist, but he’s also a lot of fun to be around. He tried on some flares, and started doing a 70′s Disco shuffle. That sh*t was hilarious, not sure if that footage will ever see the light of day though.

The Fader Fort…..

7PM we head to the backstage area, and we keep bumping into different artists. Chamillionaire and Green Lantern were in the building,

As well as the big homie DJ Skee.

Consequence bumped into Styles P

Cudi bumped into Jadakiss.

Dead Prez chopped it up with Kanye.

9PM Mr west sets it off! The show begins, people don’t know what they’re in for.

After Really Doe, Consequence, and Tony Williams do their thing Hudson hits the stage with Big Sean to perform way out. He then performed the future smash ‘Anyone But Him’ with Mr West.

Considering he didn’t have his own band with him and had 5 minutes to rehearse. Hudson smashed it.
All I’m saying is watch out for the video of this joint.

Kanye was then joined by 88 Keys.

Then Kanye bought Kid Cudi on stage. He performed the future smash ‘Sky May Fall’.

Just as you think it can’t get an better, Consequence comes back on stage for ‘Buggin out 09′.

The energy on stage was nuts! This was one of my favourite Tribe joints, and now its one of my favourite covers.

Cudi then performed ‘Day and Night’. This was unfair. The Crookers is brutal. You all know what it does in the club. As soon as the bassline kicked in, it was a wrap, or was it?

Then Common storms the stage for ‘UMC’. Don’t ever get it twisted, just because Common is taking over Hollywood, he is still a maniac on the mic.

He’s toured the world several times over, don’t ever forget that Common’s stage presence is no joke.

He tore it up. No one new that Erykah badu was performing. She joined Common on stage for ‘The Light’, and freestyled alongside Kanye and Common

Kanye then performed his own joints
For the encore he hbought the entire Good Music fam back onstage for ‘Love Lockdown’.

It was a magnificent night. Everyone put in the work, everyone gave 1000%. I saw Kanye as soon as he came off stage, he was mad happy, hype, and looked like he could do another 1 hour set.
Today was a good day.

Grand opening, grand closing, once again I got the opportunity to witness HipHop in its purest form.

If the SXSW showcase was anything to go by, 2009 will be a very GOOD year for Kanye West and the Good Music family.

I did warn you that this was going to be some phenomenal sh*t. Watch the full show here.

Check out more shots here.

Big up Kanye, Don, and the whole fam!


  1. ahh thanks maaan..u labelled the pics-big props to you for that!
    u have possibly the most envyable job ever! I wish i was there to witness this! G.O.O.D is a heavy label..

  2. This is a cooooool post! It’s especially cool how it’s all from the insiders view, from someone, you, who was actually at the event and mingling with the folk. Just blogged this too, but from, I guess you could say, the outsiders view. It’s photos of the live screening! 4am!! Peep it by clicking on me!!! The event was so sick. Like NeYo.

    P.s. Nice cab bill Semtex!?

  3. word on the internets is kanYe’s ex-fiance was a fan of Mr.H and thats how kanye heard bout him..

    that or Semtex played him a couple of tracks..

    only ways i could think of..

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