chris brown

What everyone’s been waiting to hear:

Chris Brown, who was arrested a week ago in connection with a domestic violence investigation, said Sunday he is


  1. I believe that there i more to this story than what is being reported. To make matters worse, the media are talking so much trash and the stories just do not add up ( if her injuries are so horrific what more evidence do the police need, surely the pictures should speak for themselves). I do believe that he is sorry and we all expected him to issue an apology so there is nothing new here. Although i wholly condem domestic violence, i do not agree with women feeling they are within their right to lift their hands to hit a man. I am a woman mind you and i always say do not lift your hands to anyone because you will get a response. Chris was wrong to hit her but i DO NOT BELIEVE THAT HE ABUSED HER just that they got into a physical fight and as can be expected Rihanna came off worse. Hopefully this will be a lesson to them both and they will move on from this. Finally, i totally disagree with people tarnishing Chris and labelling him as a woman beater and even going so far as to compare him to Bobby brown… what the heck!!??? If she claims that he abused her why stay with him for so long and even worse why refuse to leave him when reports suggested that they were no longer together????

    Jay z needs to shut his mouth, sit his ass down and go and take care of beyonce.

  2. Double standards!!! It makes no difference that this took place 5 years ago, violence is violence however many years ago it is….

    If thats the case Chris Brown has hope because in 5 years all will be forgotten if he even abused her to the extent they “claim”.

  3. Its a play fight with his friend, watch the full film ‘Backstage’ with the clip in context with the rest of the footage.

    This was sent around the net 5 years ago to insinuate that Jay beats women, its an old rumour, old hype. Watch the film

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