1. Semtex I feel that you passionate about not putting your hands on a woman. But the fact is all females AINT women. It should never be the first resort to put your hands on a woman as a man, but there are ALWAYS exceptions!!! The word on road is she gave him herpees, now fam im a grown #ss man – in that situ I would be heated but as I know it aint life threatening I would verbally abuse the chick and it would be the end of that relationship. Now at 19 (Chris’ age), first thing im thinking is its the end of my life, and at 19 banging a chick in the face for giving me herpee’s would most likely be the final outcome. Fully playing devil’s advocate, but underlying fact is that all females dont behave in a womanly mannor for chivalry to stand up. This aint 1909!

  2. Semtex I agree with you about not putting your hands on a woman ..however we don’t know the whole story and for all we know it could have been a provoked atttack. I really can’t imagine why someone such as chris brown would raise his hand to a woman, but i guess in particular situations you lose your head. I feel sorry for chris..i doubt he will ever fully recover from such a blow to his career..its such a shame he was just starting to peak

  3. Couple of things:

    I doubt she gave herself black eyes, or inuries.

    He shouldn’t have ran, and then disappeared for the day if he was innocent.

    I don’t care what anyone says, you do not hit a woman, no matter what she’s done or if your provoked.

    Be a man walk away if the situations that bad

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