This week has been a great experience for the whole world, so i figured it would be a great opportunity to get Wale on my show this week as he is a DC native, a dope MC, who better to reflect on the Obama experience right?

So I travel for an hour to get to the studios, change studios several times as I have to wait 90 minutes for a 10 minute interview with him. From the start it kinda felt like he didn’t want to do it, then I check his Twitter page while i’m doing the interview…..


Nice. So halfway through the interview, I asked him what was up with the Twitter post…..


Let me clear this up, there is NO blackballing, beef, tension or anything else, I dont cause drama, beef, or hype, etc.

I didn’t mean any malice. The post is fair I just said you should be careful, twitter can catch you out, which it did. Wale put up a post, I put up a post.

Wale is a fan of Seinfeld, so the title of the post was done in a way, similar to when Jerry says ‘Newman’! (cop the DVD if your confused).

Like I said, I found the whole episode funny listen to the audio. BUT later on, Wale said on twitter that he doesn’t mind doing ‘good’ interviews with certain sites, but hates people asking about DC????

I’m not being funny, but a lot of people don’t really know Wale, so its probably the best time to talk about Wale and DC. I’ve done nothing but support him, if he didn’t want to do the interview, he should have just said so.

Re. obama, Wale’s going to get asked about that for the rest of his life whether he likes it or not, which isn’t a bad thing.

Reality is my producer said I can’t use his audio because it was so flat (he sounded bored) compared to other artists on the show Nas, Lupe, Common, Green Lantern, Roze (who is from DC), etc. which is a shame.

But real talk, it is a bit disrespectful to post something like that, when your talking to people who are helping you with your movement, or someone who


  1. I saw that too, but like you said you shouldn’t take it personal. I think he was just saying it in general. Keep up the good work semtex!

  2. Wale flopped himself. If no-one hears from you you are just another smuck with a mixtape. See the strives Cudi is making online with interviews and videos – watch the lack of shot from Wale floating about.

    Lets see where they both are in a year

  3. I believe that EVERY artist should keep certain thoughts to themselves, especially when it offends those that want to do their part and create a wider audience for the artist.
    If you do not like answering the same questions ALTHOUGH they are being asked by different individuals that REACHES a different area of “would-be” consumers of your product =music, then you should not be in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS.
    There are a lot of underground, independent rappers and mcs that would give anything to be asked the same questions over and over as long as it creates a buzz behind them…
    The moral of this story is don’t burn bridges when you’re seriously just STARTING out because first impressions will follow you throughout your career.
    To Dj Semtex, brush it off and focus your attention on someone who actually appreciates what you do for a living!

  4. Don’t worry about it man. The kid has always been way arrogant. He really thinks he’s at like a Jay-Z or Kanye level and that’s the best way to never make it to that level.

  5. I would love to interview you for my blog semtex. I do believe you have single handedly caused Wale to consider leaving twitter……… I keep hearing dude is arrogant but we all hate someting sometime right? He did do the interview…………

  6. To Dj Semtex, brush it off and focus your attention on someone who actually appreciates what you do for a living!

    yea seriously

  7. First Wale aint what some of you people call him as arrogant trust I know personally and this whole this is retarded so my man says he doesnt like interviews explains the type of interviews he doesnt like and yet SEmtex you catch feelings for what? Ego is a bitch seriously dude never even went at you next time how about you check your feelings and not overreact and then blackball the homie yes dude that is what you are doing

  8. That was disrespectful from wale but I recognized that he is making all the time some silly comments about other people’s style…etc.

  9. All of this is just way too crazy! As a professional in the industry today, things that are said (def. if not in person) should not be taken personally! To the “DJ” that did the interview; WALE did state that the comment was not aimed at you personally. And before you posted this blog, yet even before you posted twitter comments; you should’ve sent him a direct message on twitter, or an email. So that this whole “mis-understanding” wouldn’t have gone public. There’s no excuse to why this conversation went PUBLIC! If an interview was conducted that means that you (the DJ) knows how to contact WALE personally. And vice-versa. So either way this shouldn’t've gone public! He (wale) did a public apology and so should you (the dj). Remember ** THINK BEFORE YOU ACT** this is a case of mis-understanding

  10. Drama, drama! I don’t think there was any ill intent on both parties- just some entertainment industry frustration! …Easy to lose perspective and take things for granted in this biz…Easy to take things personally too…Let’s kiss and make up? :)

  11. Ummm u r pretty lame for the entire situation. r u a DJ or a Gossip Column Editor or Talk Show Host??? Would DJ Clue everrrrrr partake in such a convo? Or Khaled (however u spell his name) NO! U r very wack 4 this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. You know, if he hates doing interviews so much, it’s simple – don’t do them. If I ever get an artist bitching at me about doing press I ask them if they’d prefer to earn

  13. actually, I retract the Wale is waste bit, him being a certain ways shouldn’t detract from whether he’s talented or not. But it’s hard when you’re trying to help promote people, trying to help sell them records and you a reaction that implies they really can’t be bothered. luckily, its very rare that happens…..

  14. Keep doing you Semtex!

    Wale is coming across as if he is “on” a little bit more than what he actually is…i still to this day haven’t taken the time to listen to his music and with this incident im not gonna be in any rush to do so :)

  15. If you havent realized. Wale only wants to the gratitude and appreciation of only the famous. You can tell he has a lot of personal issues, just read his twits. Sucking up to Beyonces little sister and Jay z. He tries to hard to be cool, and the corny person he is always comes out.

  16. First he begs Solange for attention, then now he complains about doing interviews? Who are you? Jay-Z and Kanye still suck it up and do interviews, then some mixtape rapper has the nerve to complain?

  17. @andrea

    You aint got a clue what you chatting. Semtex is like one of the biggest DJs in europe, never mind England. Hes put out so much of Wale’s shit, I think he is entitled to voice his opinions one his OWN blog?

  18. AY DJ Semtex! This Hp The Vet. A rapper that’s REALLY FROM THE DC AREA that got alot of ppl in the UK downloadin my music. I got BIG LOVE for the UK fans and I would love to work with you.

    I also made a song addressin how I feel about this dude named Wale that nobody from my hood knows. I live in the UPT which is the NW side of Washington, DC over there in the Columbia Heights area. I’m a real DC dude makin moves.

    I have done songs with Three 6 Mafia, Cyssero from BWS, Chozen Few, and The Game. Hit me up on my email or better yet hit me up on the myspace and I will always be down for any interview no matter how i feel.

    I am a real dude that knows how to appreciate things because i been REAL SHIT in my life.


  19. some of u people are crazy….the man said that 3 hrs before semtex intvw …you just all tryna gang up on wale….wtf….semtex you should be ashamed …tryna black ball wale ….and some of you people were obviously following wale for a reason..now u wanna hop on semtex dick….fuck yall…this is some slight shyt and you wanna run with it ..its no crack in the armor for him..fuck it. real recognize real…and semtex u apparently aint at all…im glad u enjoyed this ..u sacrificed ur integrity for some fuckin internet buzz….BITCH

  20. read the post properly, he was supposed to do the interview at 7pm, but for what ever reason i didnt do the interview until 8.30pm. He posted this at 7.30pm.

    Like I said it’s wrapped up, sorted out.

    TJ, like I said all you Wale Stans can suck my nuts!

    If you cant understand the post above go play with yourself.

  21. tj, is that you wale? Coming on here defending yourself. Trying to be hip got you exposed. Real question he should have asked was do you have tampons? Cause you are trully on your period. AYO!!!

    Your rap career is the internet you’ll be back, fake retiring from twitter, double LL

  22. Ay! Wale! You forgot to bring your tampons with you to your interview, now you done shitted on yaself! Rap is a man’s sport, boo

  23. I agree with Semtex.. It’s funny how up and coming artist who don’t even have a cd out complain about having to do interviews, when they are nobody’s. I actually like Wale but he got’s to thank God he’s hot right now because in a year he might be begging to do an interview…. I think, he thinks he’s already a superstar cause he did a couple interviews and magazine covers… Wale, enjoy the fame while it last buddy cause with that attitude your not going to be around for long.

  24. @ NJPRYCE: Co-Sign!

    as an artist doing interviews is part of the JOB! as a journalist doing interviews is part of the JOB!

    Wale showed himself up big time and whereas i didn’t know of him before i definately won’t be checking for WALE now.

  25. whats with all the hatin, eminem rarely does interviews and no one hates on him, i can imagine it gets tedious doing interviews all day being asked the same questions over and over again and having to force yourself to show enthusiasm when answering the same questin over and over again

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  27. lol… why the hell are people so sensitive? man up. @ the end of the day, everyone involved here is WORKING… and like all the rest of us that have jobs, it all gets tedious & ppl don’t like every aspect. i don’t see it as him being disrespectful but just venting like every otha nigga does on the internet these days. why he gotta bend over backwards and kiss your ass? i’m not even a wale fan.. but shit, get over yourself. it’s not like he said he hates being interviewed by you personally.

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