I had a really good time over the Xmas period, I went back home to see my family and some of my best friends in Manchester.

It’s crazy how the city changes shape every few months, from the stores to the skyline to the night clubs.

Big up Eddie Down and the Brown Sugar team. They’ve gone from promoting club nights to owning their own club, Lounge 31 situated in the Printworks. It a very big power move, i’m proud of them.
I deejayed at their club on Saturday night and tore it up!!! The VIP crowd was skanking all night. The mixer was a nightmare though….

This is the mixer from hell. There’s no caps on the sliders or crossfaders.

Using this mixer was actually pretty painful, despite this I still smashed up the dance! and I had a Kanye ‘It feels good to be home’ type moment lol!

Like the City keeps changing and getting bigger, so does the music scene. I hooked up with some of the hottest up and coming artists.

SBD is a gonna be a major problem…

Shifty, Rem Dog, and Slayer go under the name of Mayhem. Mayhem are the team to watch out for!

Watch out for the interviews with Mayhem and SBD on Semtex TV, later this week.


  1. big up Sem for coming to the club, i here you about the mixer – lol. as a dj i hear u mate, as one of the guys all i can see is that it will be sorted by the next time you are up and again we will look after u. i will call u this week and confirm the next booking cos people are still chatting about your set over xmas.

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