1994: ‘Ready To Die’ is a classic album, everything about this album was hot.
I bought:
*The promos
*The bootleg vinyl.
*The singles with the remixes.
*The single vinyl album
*The double vinyl.
*The CD.
*The remastered CD.

Diddy got a lot of my pounds back then.

1997: Even though I never listened to the 2nd disc, this was a hot album.
Those were the days when you would scramble to the store to buy anything with a Primo beat.

1999: This album felt wrong at the time, but we all wanted to hear Eminem on a track with Big. The rest of the album had a bit of a frankenstein feel to it.

2005: Mo’ blasphemy, but we all partied to ‘Nasty Girl’ in the club, and we all wanted to hear that new Jigga verse with the unreleased Biggie verse.
This was actually a better album than ‘Born Again’, but I hated the joint with Bob Marley.

2007: Even though the previous album was called the ‘Final Chapter’……it wasn’t.

2009: 12 years after his death, Big still can’t rest in peace.

I can’t judge the film without seeing it, I just hope they don’t f*ck it up.
They really should have got Spike to direct it though.

6 thoughts on “THE NOTORIOUS YEARS

  1. Biggie’s part is played by Jamal Woolard, who also raps under the name of Gravy.

    However, I’ve read that Biggie’s son will play himas a kid in some scenes.

    I’ve seen a couple of clips online, namely the one with Faith Evans beatboxing, and I’m not overally convinced…I’ll have to sit through the whole thing before I pass judgment…

  2. Rap Phenomenon was a banging track off Born Again. Method Man was at his illest on that track.

    You should listen to the 2nd disc of LAD cause although theres some wackness theres hot tracks like Notorious Thugs, the world is filled, skys the limit, Long Kiss Goodnight and Nobody till somebody kills you. There are wack tracks like nasty girl, another and playa hater but ur missing out by listenin tot the others

  3. Agreed: you know i’ve worn through two vinyls of One More Chance? I’ve got vinyl, tapes and now CD’s of the Bad boy big years. Craig, Total, Faith, Big….I’ve put a lot of P’s in Puffys pockets over the years. Dude owes me SUMMIN!

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