Kid Cudi was in the UK yesterday for a video shoot. The Crookers mix of ‘Day N Nite’ is tearing up the UK right now. It is getting blazed on every major radio station, it is tearing up the clubs, and it is big in the Hood. Cudi is going to have a no.1 single out here with ‘Day N Nite’, and he is getting a lot of love out here in the UK.

The concept for the video revolves around Cudi’s own British Bodega [we call them Corner Shops out here]……

….and some UK video chicks. You don’t exactly see this everyday at your local cornershop.

Cudi is literally running the shop. This is the new style, the 9 to 5 look.

Emile and Cudi take a break from filming. I felt for them, it was a 15 hour shoot.

Emile was personally ‘taking care’ of the ladies on the set. He’s always had an eye for top shelf talent lol!



  1. No hate semtex, but im thinking your just kissing up on KID CUDI since you meet at the Kanye concert , you never use to play he music that much , but as soon as just a few weeks ago your playing this dude music everyweek

  2. Miiiiiiiiike.

    C’mon Mike, you know me better than that!

    I was.blazing ‘day n nite’ and ‘dat new new’ in Febuary, when I had 3 shows on 1xtra for a month. Which is why they sent me the Cassie freestyle in May.

    I then started blazing ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Get’ from the mixtape in June.

    I first met Cudi at the Glow in the Dark tour in New York, in May, but I’ve known his management for years, and tight with the people at Fools Gold who put out the single at the beginning of the year.

    I started playing man on the moon again recently, and I’ve been blazing ‘day n nite’ almost weekly since feb.

    Check out the older 1xtra tracklists online.

    I’ve got 2 shows, every Friday 10 to 12, every Saturday 12 till 2.

    Check em out more often.


  3. yo semtex you should get an interview with cudiiiiii
    i saw him at the g.o.o.d music afterparty for the first time
    n i havnt stopped listenin to his mixtape. toooo goood

  4. it was like history in the makin’
    atfirst i was jst expectin the G.O.O.D music artists
    bt i couldnt believe my eyes when all those LEGENDS came up on stage
    n like i was front row jst by chance, i ddnt know where the artists were gonna come out so i was sittin infront of that little stageish place near the entrance…n then i was jst wonderin around n was standin next to the railings n out of no where Ye comes up n i was like OMG lol
    r u gonna check out Mr. Hudson in camden in december???

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