The first time I met Kanye West was at the Power Summit in 2003, when he dropped his first mixtape. He was with Don C, I tried to interview him, but he kinda brushed me off because he was still fresh in the game and he was trying to get to some of the a-list artists himself. This was before the College Dropout dropped, this was around the time that he droppped ‘Electric Relaxation 03, just after he dropped the killer verse on ‘The Bounce’ of the Blueprint 2.

Like everyone else, I’ve seen his career explode, from being your favourite backpacker too a global superstar. I had Kanye on my show when Dame Dash would hardly let him speak on the mic, I’ve seen him scream at lighting technicians at the Abbey Road studio rehearsal whilst trying to get that last minute perfection seconds before the doors were due to open. Backstage at the SECC arena in Glasgow he played me ‘Homecoming’ with Chris Martin a year before it dropped, on 2 seperate occasions he publicly thanked me on the Brits for helping his career in the UK, I could go on, but you get the picture.

I’ve got a lot of time for Kanye.

A good friend of mine told me that when you go through a traumatic situation, it can either turn you into a recluse or make you a hardened, stronger individual. What Kanye has been through over the last year is impossible to comprehend unless you have experienced some kind of loss yourself.

Kanye has thrown himself into the music and the touring. Love or hate this album, this is his therapy. There is is no doubt that he will get through this, as he has good people around him and he is a strong person. Anyone else would have cracked under the pressure. The Good music after party was one of the few occasions that we’ve seen him smile this year. That’s the power of pure HipHop right?

As always, i’m honoured and privalaged to get an interview with him. If your a fan of his music, this is the one place where you can hear the full album breakdown of ’808s & Heartbreak’ and hear about the future of Good Music. No bullsh*t gossip or scandal, I don’t do trashy interviews.
To the few haters that are burnt that I got this interview, please understand. This is swagger on a hundred thousand trillion!!

Download the interview HERE!!!!


  1. does anyone know what that song is that played in the segway after he was talking about how “boy george was not supposed to be black music”. the lyrics are something like, “there will be tears, i’ve no doubt” etc. anyone know who that is?!?!?!?! cheers.


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