So Rock The Bells hit the UK last night at Indigo, O2 Dome, London.

I was regulating the backstage area with my 1xtra team, and I hooked up with all the artists.

The spot was rammed and the line up was….

I hooked up with my homie Green Lantern.



The Pharcyde

….and Nas.

Dizzee was in the building, chopping it up with Eric Sermon.

Where you there??? Who do you think killed it onstage? Watch out for exclusive backstage footage on SemtexTV this week.

Listen to the Rock The Bells Special, this Friday on 1xtra.

11 thoughts on “ROCK THE BELLS: LONDON, UK

  1. I think the line-up was an absolute disappointment, considering the HUGE list of artists the US had, was there really much point bringing it over here with as little as four time slots?

    Waste of time and money if you ask me.
    Also – they could have got so many uk hip hop acts to perform.

  2. was a really good show getting to see EPMD was the best thinking ever man. shame that the O2 handeled the whole thing so badley why open the doors at 7 and put the first act on at 7.15 makes no sense when thers still like 400 people standing out side waiting to get in. if you ask me they should have opend the doors at 6 and started the show at 7.30 or something like that, if they had done that at leat every one whos was out side waiting to get in mite have gottn to see the whole show. but apart from that EPMD was the highlight they should have been on for so much longer.

  3. hey guys! it was really nice to meet all the 1xtra crew last night. being backstage with the pharcyde was a fucking highlight for me…they have been my fave since i was a little girl. such a great vibe, run by such great people.

    bring on the next x

  4. & in response to neyull

    there was so much point in it coming here. ive never seen the pharcyde…all 4 together!! they are legends, i would have gone even if it was them on their own…plus the whole vibe of the rock the bells crew…they really do have their hearts in it, they are good guys…& it showed in the vibe of the event. no uk acts needed, rock the bells came & they did a great job….one of the best evenings of my life. they’ve been to the uk now & it worked…they’ll be back & it will only get bigger from here…

  5. i went as well…true the line up could have been much more bolder, it wasn’t a great representation of the real festval event and its US billing which has been infamous this year.

    last nights gig though was outstanding…well worth it. nas was so up for it, he killed it with plenty of classics, and his finish with one mike was a brilliant spectacle. i also got to mention supernatural for the fire freestyle he did, that went on for a long time.

    and comical moment of the night: one of the guys from epmd (i think erik sermon), saying RIP proof from 112, when he meant D12!

  6. @ Neyull:

    EPMD, Pharcyde AND Nas on the same night? That’s worth the money….

    Granted, we’d like to have the full festival lineup like the US, but 3 legends + one of the best freestylers in the game is a sick lineup…

    Unfortunately I had to miss out this time, but will definitely hit up RTB when it comes back to the UK….

  7. It was a fantastic event….Nas was as powerful as ever and Supernatural killed it by really exciting the crowd.

    I’ve got some great high resolution photos of Nas and Supernatural taken from the photographers pit/area. Contact me on if you would like any large photos from the event!

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