1. Mel B. She looked FINE!!!!!!

2. Robbo Ranx’s acceptance speech for Mavado.

3. Trevor Nelson winning best Radio DJ.
Trev is the most powerful man in Urban radio, he has a show on 3 different radio stations; Radio 1, Radio 2, 1xtra. Big up Trev!

4. Being in the same room as Grace Jones. She is a legend.

5. Chipmunk picking up an award for best newcomer.
Big up Baff, Vash, and Vertex!

Me with some guy from Arsenal Gail Clichy.


1. Monster Munch
There was no food served at the tables. They had Doritos and Monster Munch……..Monster Munch. Thats kinda degrading.
C’mon guys, theres a Nandos round the corner at least get some Chicken wings in.

2. Tim Westwood getting booed.
He’s a pioneer, whether you like him or not, no one deserves that kind of treatment.

3. Craig David doing a cover version.

4. Sisqo.
Sisqo being played on the red carpet as people enter the venue.
Sisqo isn’t cool. It wasn’t even ‘Thong Song’.

5. My acceptance speech for Dizzee Rascal.
After several no shows from Mavado, Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, etc. the crowd was booing hard, so when I went on stage I wasn’t having a bar of it, I wasn’t trying to get get booed by anyone. Sinita got it hard!

I had to get a bit aggy like I was in a rave when I collected the award. I did plan for it to be a lot smoother and ‘nice’, but hey….there was no booing when I was on stage, not on my shift!


  1. Some guy from Arsenal!? Gael Clichy. One of the best right backs in the country! I felt sorry for the people who were collecting the awards for the people that werent there. Giving Leona Lewis best video awards was a poor decision.

    All the performances were pretty dire.
    Hosting was awful.

    It was pretty entertaining though!

  2. “Some guy from Arsenal!? Gael Clichy. One of the best right backs in the country!”

    ^ Wait, you mean Gail Clichy the left back?

    Should of been more respect to English rappers there! Chipmunk or Ghetto should of performed… even Wiley or Skepta with the Rolex songs. No love! At least Chip won an award though. Deserves it.

  3. what a joke, why wasn’t the UK repped more. Were was Wiley, JME, Ghetto, Wretch 32, Bashy, Sway, Semtex why the hell was Dizzee not there. He aint to big that he cant turn up in his own town to collect his award. Man Dizzee is poor for not doin that, hes alway UK this and that then doesnt show. Poor, just poor

  4. I share the same sentiments as several of the commenters here, fair enough its music of black origin, but what is grime?

    is that not music that has been born of black origin?

    is that not an integral part of the UK urban youth?

    is that not an important medium for people to get the message of less gun crime and knife crime and violence across to the youth?

    so why then is grime not being treated as the most important form of music of black origin in the UK, especially when, this year, so many UK urban (grime) artists have finally managed to make a dent on the UK charts

    either way, the MOBO’s have once again failed to support UK music in my eyes

  5. @ tim, bro the new album is called when fish ride bicycles. there has been so many tunes of theres on the internet. check out the tunes ‘dreamin’, pennie, fresher than you etc etc

  6. That was pretty shit of dizzee not to turn up…..lost a bitta respect for the guy! if der not gna show up,giv the award to sum1 else…..wiley cudv took the best hip hop act easily cz he did his thing this yearnd at least he showed!same with all the others who neva bothered to show……

    Semtex,ya managed not to get booed,what a legend!and ur speech wasnt bad eitha……wat happened to dizzee though?

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