So Busta left Interscope, the home Dr Dre and 50 Cent for Universal Motown. Cool, is this really news? Does anyone care? Probably not.

Fans don’t care as long as they hear the music and get a hot album, however you really have to admire Busta’s business sense and ability to still stay relevant in the game. Like Common, Busta has been releasing albums since 91′. Being able to survive 17 years in the most fickle artform known to man isn’t easy, and it isn’t down luck.

So how many labels has Busta been signed too? Not as many as Mobb Deep, check the stats….

A few years ago, it was considered to be a disaster if you were dropped by a label. Now it’s actually good business to be able to move about.

Think about it, Mobb Deep have been on 5 labels. Thats 5 fresh starts, 5 different large signing checks, 5 different expensive signing dinners with the label, 5 different promotional pushes. They’ve done their thing, and if they got dropped from G-unit tomorrow, I can guarantee you that someone else would pick them up.
It looks like Wiley has set a precedent for the UK lol!, and even Jigga had problems on the first label that he was signed too. Payday records let him go because they didn’t know what to do with him. Ouch!!!

Not everyone gets dropped, some artists like Dizzee have completed their deal term and walked into a new and better situation, some artists have had to change or leave due to corporate takeovers, or the fact that the A&R man that signed them got fired.

The bottom line is, to be successful in this HipHop game you have to move around, you have to work with different labels. Aside from Outkast and Lil Wayne, very few artists survive more than 10 years at the same label.

The fact that Busta has found a new home is good, but is testament to the fact that he still has the ability to cook up that fire, that makes your speakers pound!


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