You know this is a crazy look! They have literally set up shop in Europe. Cash Money have their own Coffee shop whilst they are in Amsterdam. Birdman is in the building with the Cash Money ladies.

These ladies are putting in work behind the bar.

I’m feeling the decor.

While everyone else guzzling the coffee, I was sippin’ on Amsterdam’s finest tea. Yeah, thats right I was given my own personal jar of tea!

For those don’t know, Cash Money is an independent label that is distributed by Universal. Cash Money Records was founded by Birdman & Slim, and the label has made a stupid amount of money over the years, and launched the careers of some of the hottest artists in the game; The Hot boys, Mannie Fresh, BG, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne.

These guys are no joke, they flew over to Amsterdam on 2 private jets, one for Birdman, one for Wayne. Each jet has an onboard studio, and I can guaruntee you, they cost a lot more than a return trip to Tenerife.

Birdman was rocking $6 million worth of ice. 15 carats on either ear, and 60 carats on his chain.
I was feeling very inferior.

Slim was also in town, which can mean only 1 thing. Something big is going down! Big Business! This is the guy that negotiated $30 million deal between Cash Money and Universal in 97. He’s planning to visit Europe more often in the near future, watch out for the big interview where they break down their plans for 09′.
This guy is incredibly tall.

Wayne was on top form, and I got another explosive interview. The last one was crazy, this one is very very hot.

2008 is Wayne’s year.

Wayne talks on the Carter 4.

Check out more shots here.


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