Last week I was back and forth from the UK to Ibiza, and I never thought I would say this, but Ibiza is the spot! Forget Napa, Malia, or anywhere else, if you want to go away to somewhere hot and just have fun, its all about Ibiza.

As always the team was me, Dizz, Scope, and Chrome. We stayed at the Ibiza Rocks hotel, which was full of scouse women, 1000′s of them…..well it seemed like it anyway. We did a show on a stage in the middle of the hotel grounds and it was a crazy experience. Hundreds of people were hanging of the balconies going crazy. We smashed the show, came of stage, and actually got lost in the hotel.

It was like a scene out of the Resident Evil game, but instead of Zombies chasing you down the hallways, and appearing out of nowhere, it was semi-naked scouse women. Honestly, it was too much. Dave knows exactly i’m talking about.

They stayed in the penthouse which had 4 bedrooms, all kitted out with flatscreen TV’s and Xbox’s. There wasnt enough room for me in the Penthouse, so I got lumbered with the swaggest room, it was basically a prison cell, no blankets, soap or anything. Great!

I flew back to the UK to handle some business, and was back in Ibiza on Saturday for Trevor Nelsons show, and to broadcast my own show from the Cafe Mambo bar.

Trevor was broadcasting live to the UK from the Ibiza Rocks hotel, and we performed another killer set.

We went in kinda hard! Touch the image above to check out the footage, it looks crazy!

Straight after the show with Trevor and Dizz, I hit up the Mambo bar to start my own show.

Roots Manuva, MK, and Scope passed through the show, and it kinda felt like everyone had been partying hard out there.

Listen back here. Touch the image to see Roots Manuva on stage. Big up MK for the photos!

All I need now is a few days sleep!

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