I’ve never really paid attention to Nelly as much as I should have. I blaze the party joints in the club and the on radio, but I admit that i’ve never really listened to any of his albums properly, like would a Jay-z or Lupe album.

Nelly is one of the most professional, articulate MC’s I’ve met.
He could easily have been as conscious a Talib Kweli or Common Sense, but he’s sold 80 million, and hasn’t sounded like Common since. Sound familiar?

Check the interview below, watch out for the full interview on 1xtra in the next few weeks.

Nelly talks on:

*His forth-coming Jordan shoe
*Working with LL Cool J, Ti, and Chuck D
*Barack Obama
*The poison of HipHop

More shots of Nelly in the studio.

One thought on “NELLY [INTERVIEW]

  1. Nelly’s charity work is immense. One of the most approachable rappers in the world too. Plus in retrospect, that first album go hard!

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