Its an absolute disgrace that the 3 Policemen responsible for the brutal slaying of Sean Bell were cleared of any wrong doing by the U.S. Judicial system. I truly feel for Sean Bell’s family, and hope that there is an appeal.

If Obama and Clinton need her approval to get into the white house, somebody needs to get Oprah on the phone fast. Fuck Rappers, she’s the only one who has the real voice in the US. Someone needs to make moves before the masses hit the streets like they did in L.A. 16 years ago after the Rodney King beating.

Over here in the UK, Police brutality isn’t the issue. It is no way near as bad as it is in the US.

The issue out here, is not what the ‘Old bill’ do. More what they don’t do. There’s too many guns and knives in the streets of the black communities out here, the handling of the Stephen Lawrence case, and much much more.

We all know that we need the Police, and most of them do a good job. We pay for them, and they are there to work for me and you. Because they are paid like any other employee, get the same fringe benefits as anyone working at a corporation, if not better. There is no excuse for when they abuse their position or fuck up!

All together now, after 3….

J-Dilla – Fuck The Police

NWA – Fuck the Police

Krs1 – Black Cop

2 thoughts on “RIP SEAN BELL

  1. Hi thanx for using my work in article like this ! cheers
    here in Greece we dont have problems with the police like USA
    We have police brutality only like getting slapped in police station when someone gets busted and goes to the police station!
    by the way you forgot a song “cop killer” from Body Count !

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